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BAM Workshop KIDS 7-10 year old | Taking Care of Ourselves

Taking care of plants is like taking care of ourselves!

Following a period in which also and above all urban nature was a luxuriant and undisturbed key feature of balconies and gardens… we don’t want to lose the special relationship created with the arrival of fall.

This is a propitious moment, when the plants release their summer energy and man as well tends to retreat.
With Taking Care of Ourselves, conceived for 7-10 year old kids, we will learn together to experience and understand this synergy.

We will create a notebook after some sharing and training on the care we can give plants (for example, the same caresses that we are used to giving people). We will take note and draw everything that we will learn about our plant in this notebook. Songs and poems are welcome!

All participants will receive a seedling and we will create the notebook together.

For 7-10 year old kids.

20 September 2020 @ 10:00 - 11:30

Icona località Apple Area
in partnership with: Festival della Biodiversità
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