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BAMoff: Satisfied or illuminated – 10 stories that straighten your moon

An unexpected meeting that takes Mandala Lab @BAM to Volvo Studio Milano, to discover Buddhist spirituality with a new interpretation!

Together we will listen to modern Zen short stories, kōans and comical tales that explain to us new ways to positively interpret situations, even when everything seems to be going wrong. 

With Claudio Morici, actor, and Ippolita Baldini, actress
The musical performance is by the ensemble MATITA

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Claudio Morici

Claudio Morici wrote novels (Bompiani, E/O) and lived travelling. He was then forced to return to Rome because of a family problem, and it was there that one day he attended a lesson of the teacher Dario Doshin Girolami at the faculty of Psychology. While following his course on koans, he began to write short stories that he read first in bars, then in book stores, restaurants and clubs, and finally in theatres all over Italy. He thus stopped writing novels and theatre became his work, also thanks to the circulation of his videos in the social media and in several TV broadcasts. Then, very soon, he also stopped meditating and remembering how he began to work in theatre. That was until when, a year ago, he began to make “the light bulbs”, koan videos for the UBI website.

Ippolita Baldini

Ippolita Baldini graduated from Accademia Nazionale d’Arte Drammatica Silvio d’Amico and has been working as an actress for theatrical, cinematographic and television projects since 2009. The Italian audience became acquainted with her in the role of Dodi in Luca Miniero’s film “Benvenuti al Nord” (“Welcome to the North”). She made a short on Mina Mazzina for Pedro Almodovar. In 2012, she opened her own theatre business in homes in Italy. She performed in private social gatherings or clubs with brilliant shows, alternating comical monologues taken from the repertoire of Franca Valeri and Franca Rame, her guides and “frank women”. The business took flight and in 2014 Ippolita decided to take her project to the USA with “Theatre in Your Kitchen, from Italy to New York”. Following her US interlude, Ippolita returned to Italy and, with the collaboration of Emanuele Aldrovandi, wrote her first show: “Mia mamma è una Marchesa” which was performed and which still today is going round Italy. She has been collaborating with the Zelig team since December 2015. She created a new character, Lucia Agazzi, also known as “Lucy the single”. With “Lucy”, she took part in all Zelig editions from 2017 up until today, Colorado and Only Fun (with Eletta Lamborghini and the Pampers on channel Nove). In cinema, she played Serena, Carlo Buccirosso’s wife, directed by Christian De Sica in the film “Sono solo fantasmi”. She is also continuing her busy theatrical activity with the writing and performance of two new comic shows: “Una Marchesa ad Assisi” (again together with Aldrovandi) and “V’Angelo”, the fruit of one of her ideas and produced in collaboration with Teatro de gli Incamminati.


Take a group. Take away the guitar, the bass and the drums. What remains are keyboard, pencils and felt-tip pens, which on amplified tablets play rhythmic lines, round and low-pitched dots, curved jolts, colourful noises and round scratches on white sheets describing dream-like scenarios.
MATITA is an ensemble in which the act of drawing turns into a rhythmic, visual and sonorous action that conducts music and gives it form and structure.


In collaboration with Ubiliber, the UBI publishing house

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