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Meet&Greet: Meet the artists!

Recurring moments for the public to meet the artists in person during the weekend to investigate the values and themes behind the work presented at the BAM Circus. Here are the time slots for meeting them:

Saturday 25 may: 

  • from 11.15 a.m: The Gipsy Marionettist (SRB, BIH, IT)
  • from 11.45 a.m: Cia la Tal (ES)
  • from 12.30 p.m: Cie Paris Benares (FR)
  • from 5.15 p.m: Cie l’Homme Debout (FR)
  • from 5.45 p.m: String Theatre (GB)

Sunday 26 may:

  • from 11 a.m: Vertical Theatre (US, DE)
  • from 11.30 a.m: Quattrox4 (IT)
  • from 1.00 p.m: Milano Clown Festival (IT)
  • from 3.30 p.m: Guixot de 8 (ES)
  • from 5.30 p.m: Cie Archibald Caramantran (FR)
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