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Chevâl – Cie Paris Benares (FR) company

What does “tame” mean? Like the Little Prince and the fox, facing each other, a dancer and Chevâl, a puppet more than 2 metres tall and 3 metres long, try to tame each other. ​

The meeting begins and they look for each other, twirl, observe each other, scare each other, approach each other, take a few dance steps, run away to feel more at ease… building connections takes time and patience.

Cheval is a meeting between human and animal, between body and object, between grace and mechanics. This oversize duo tells us a story filled with poetry and humour.​

​The performance will join elements of street theatre and contemporary dance as it parades down BAM’s paths and creates a procession of children, teenagers, adults and elderly behind it.

Come to the meeting between dancer and puppet throughout the park at 11.30 a.m. or stay with them in the Meli Area starting from 6.30 p.m.!

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