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QUADRO (PICTURE) in the sky – eVenti Verticali (IT) company

Arising from the dream of dancing on a flying wall, Quadro is a 50-square-metre aerial stage covered with white fabric with 4 large holes. Four dancers move on the white stage like pencils on an empty sheet of paper, like colours on a matt canvas, ready to paint acrobatic leaps and flights suspended in the air. In a slow interplay of perceptive changes, the perspectives grow hazy: the horizontal and vertical planes interweave with each other in a sort of perspective illusion that blurs the spectator’s view. ​

Andrea Piallini’s direction concentrated both on the development of Quadro on the horizontal plane and on empty space, studying the aerial dancing of the suspended cast. The performance is enriched by the relationship with the architectural structures of the space holding them, in this way attaining an in situ performance with each repeat

photo di Erin X Smithers

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