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BAM Performing Arts in the Park: Readings from the shadows to light

As the winter festival day comes to an end, we will allow ourselves a moment of meditation, a literary and theatrical journey that will reach its peak in a reading of texts inspired by light. They will be interpreted by the voices of two actors, and the event will be staged inside a magical frame lighting up the Park.

This Dantean journey, from the shadows to light, consists of three stages that can ideally depict Hell, Purgatory and Paradise.

In addition to Dante’s tercets, an extract from Saramago’s “Cecità” will be presented for Hell, a text where darkness and the shadows are both physical and spiritual. Then for Purgatory will be “Frankenstein”, where the light of intellect leads to tragic consequences. The readings for Paradise will be the green light of illusions of “The Great Gatsby” and the atmospheric and soft light found in a story by Elizabeth Strout. Lastly, a short extract from a song by Giorgio Gaber will wind up the event in high spirits.

We look forward to seeing you there!


The three stages will respectively be held at the Pond, the Meli Area and the Aceri Area.

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