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Performing Arts in the Park: Vibes#3

VIBES#3 is a collective dance performance, a dialogue between bodies, architectures and urban vibrations.

This choreographic experience moves to the rhythm of taiko, and the participants are the performers on stage. The aim is to reconnect mind and body and to expand the senses and the awareness of space and persons surrounding us.

The uniqueness of VIBES#3 arises from the collaboration between the movement artist Masako Matsushita and the Japanese taiko artist and composer Mugen Yahiro for the purpose of kindling the creativity of the individual participants accompanied by a sound landscape that merges with the rhythm of the taiko and the noise of the urban space.

It is an accessible choreographic score in which the participants equipped with headphones and with the simple use of a smartphone are transformed into performers and experience the city’s spaces through unprecedented movements. 

The performance will be offered in two time slots:

  • 3 – 4 pm
  • 6 – 7 pm

Choose your time slot!


In collaboration with Masako Matsushita

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